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Local Breweries, Businesses, Services & Shops - we believe in these and want to share. We will be listing local breweries, businesses, services & shops that we personally believe in and just want to share with you, our customers.

Our intent here is to share with you other local businesses that have invested in our community and to share some occasional random “FEATURED TidBits

Featured Business


                                              Grey building where The Cook's Station is located in Greenville, SC

      ABOUT:   The Cook's Kitchen

The Cook’s Station (515 Buncombe Street) is hard to describe due to how much they have to offer.  It is an amazing shop that has everything you could ever need or want, and things you have not even imagined, for a kitchen.  They put it best on their website:  “The Cook’s Station offers all the gadgets, gifts, spices, wine, drink ware, and appliances that one could want.”  Their “goal as a small, family-owned business is to make our customers feel like family, take care of our employees, and give back to our community.”

When I was first introduced to The Cook’s Station about 4 years ago, they were actually located on Main Street near Fluor Field.  In fact, I went into the store before I had even decided to move to Greenville and I was excited to see that they have cooking classes, which is a great way to meet and make new friends.  Since then they have moved to 515 Buncombe Street to a beautiful building.  

On one of my recent visits there, a friend and I ordered a vegetarian sandwich, which was a chief’s special for the day.  I am a new vegetarian, but my friend is not a vegetarian, but the ingredients sounded really great so we gave it a shot.  Well, I am not kidding when I say that the sandwich was unbelievably fantastic and the sides that came with it were amazing.  In fact it was all so good, that we ended up talking with the Chief.  So as you can see, The Cook’s Station has more to offer than every imaginable item for a kitchen.  They have an amazing deli, they also offer, as they state on their website, “cooking classes, private event space for rent, a gift registry, personal gift baskets, and much more”.


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