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Additional Brewmiceter Hints (Part 2)

  1. Follow us to the CREEK where not every THOMAS, Dick and Harry will be hanging out, but you will find some true craft  beer connoisseurs and many locals at this favorite drinking spot. 
  1. Seeing stars and STRIPES? We generally have more than C13 beers on tap, so you are sure to find one that will satisfy your tastebuds and lighten your load.  
  1. This location offers true Southern hospitality that is family and dog friendly.  If you think you hear a growl, relax as it is the sound of thirsty/hungry customers or dogs expressing their desire for great beer and great food.  

  1. Quick Trivia question: Is tetrad Greek for a group or arrangement of 4 or is it German for a local gathering?  
  1. Unlike Florida, South Carolina is not the state with the most swamps, but here you are sure to see more rabbits than  Gators.  
  1. Between Carolina and Germany, which one has the most beautiful bauernhaus’? Should we ask that man wearing the Lederhosen standing there in West Greenville?  
  1. Stay to check out what is on tap, in the shop, on the patio - stay and join the community you find there or take something to go, you are sure to find a wide variety to quench your thirst.

  2. We are FIRED up about our beers, so please continue to FORGE ahead with your hunt