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Additional Brewmiceter Hints (Part 1)

  1. Besides being the oldest brewery in the upstate, this is a  family owned and operated endeavor. The name is a great  representation of their plan to “set out brewing delicious  handcrafted beers focusing on a foundation of pristine Blue Ridge Mountain water”. You may hear a local or two, put a beer down,  pound on the table and shout “followustothecreek”. 

  2. Go ahead, don’t wait for the stars to come out, just follow  the white stripes on the roads to this brewery’s home base. Come  one, come thirteen, come all….you will  discover a craft beer tailored perfectly for you. This brewery  believes we should all embrace a legacy while helping to create and  foster our communities.  

  3. It is a perfect day to break out of your cage and head out on a  great adventure. Around here we would tell you to definitely head  south with all the other free birds to a place where the grass is green, the picnic tables are abundant and fun is sure to be had by all. 

  4. Put on any outfit, get comfortable and head out to look for - literally look for - the Half Moon. Once you find it, you will not  be more than a stone’s throw from Church. Head down the slight slope to find the 4 Pine Trees and great beer inside.  

  5. Have you noticed how the Swamp Rabbit Trail is  continuing to grow and flourish? As you travel along the trail, respect the swamp, watch the birds, find butterflies and count rabbit tails. This brewery will be waiting to provide travelers with original cold brews and local hospitality.  

  6. This Brewery’s home base is in Anderson, and their new  addition, still in Carolina, is located just a little west of downtown Greenville. Here they are referred to as a Brewery & Winery™ and have a beer garden, amazing craft beers, events and great  people. You may meet Perry, Irvin, Penny or even Poe while you relax, sip and enjoy. 

  7. **We are happy to say that Brewery 85 was sold and that Meredith and Will (original owners and part of the Hops Hunt) are doing great. We want to thank them for their support and raise a glass to their successful journey and final sale of Brewery 85. We are looking to find a replacement brewery, so please stay tuned in.

  8. Near downtown Greenville, you would never know that this brewery was once a tire warehouse, that they turned into cozy destination, which includes vintage sofas, handcrafted tables, of course great hand crafted beers, and even a pet-friendly outdoor biergarden. Although you will not see the Michelin Tire Man (young hops hunters you may have to google that), if you look just right, really hard, and when the sun is in the correct spot, you may see Washington come out of Church. 
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