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Tidbit Reinvest in Your Community 10/18/2021

Tidbit Reinvest in Your Community 10/18/2021

DID YOU KNOW…….that when you as a customer spend  money/invest in local businesses, that you are also  investing in your own local community?  

We have all heard some version of the above and it  seems to be a topic of conversion more frequently these  days. Have you really listened to what this is saying? It  says a great deal about the people who support and  believe in small/local business.  

There is the factual side to the Be Loyal * Buy Local  (varies slightly from source to source) which essentially  says that one half/50 cents of every dollar we spend at  a small/local business is then reinvested in our own  community - 30 cents from the small business owner  using local vendors and 20 cents from the owner/family  shopping locally. Okay, that makes sense, but then there is  that other side. The side that we do not talk about out loud, but it is the side that sends a little shot of warmth  to your own heart. It is that spark that starts/builds  relationships, shows a sense of pride, provides fresh and  unique items, spreads happiness and does what  Greenville does best - builds community on the backs  and support of each individual - we are individuals  until we join hands and become a community. Ah, that  sounds a little like building a bridge.  

Greenville is working hard to be and become an even  greater example of a community that is friendly,  sustainably conscious, green oriented and most  importantly a city built on relationships. Merriam webster’s ”essential meaning” of RELATIONSHIP:  

  1. the way in which two or more people, groups,  countries, etc., talk to, behave toward, and deal with  each other  
  2. a romantic or sexual friendship between two people 
  3. the way in which two or more people or things are  connected  


To be continued………….