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Wild Ice Jewelry

Wild Ice Jewelry

Wild Ice Jewelry

"Multicultural designer creating jewelry from travels empowering women to embrace their own beauty and style. Friendship in the local community birthed The GVL Bracelet, a destination piece created for the beautiful city that has given so much."

Starting a new business here in Greenville SC, I of course went to the Visitor’s Center on Main Street and started talking to the individuals that were helping all the visitors.   Needless to say, by the time I left I had all the information on how to join the Chamber and get involved with Visit Greenville SC.  Through that initial conversation, I was also given a contact for a local jeweler - Donna Adams - Wild Ice Jewelry.

I joined the chamber the next day and also contacted Donna about doing some business together here in the future.  Donna and her husband met with me in person, and we discussed a future project.  You know you are in the correct city when people want to refer you to other small local businesses and those owners are amazing, nice, dedicated and love Greenville SC as much as you do.  It is rejuvenating to meet like minded and creative individuals in your home town.

Needless to say, Wild Ice Jewelry is a fabulous local small business and Donna is extremely talented and dedicated to Greenville and other small businesses here.  Please check out her website and pass her shop name on to others who are looking for a great local jewelry shop.

Donna Adams

Designer & Owner

Donna’s grandmother was adopted by the Chippewa Indian tribe which led to an introduction into the bead weaving culture at a very early age. In her extensive film and dance career, she used these skills to embellish her own costumes and make jewelry to match.

An Air Force brat, born in South Korea and raised in Washington state, Donna was able to travel to Alaska and witness the magnificent glaciers at various times of the year. Ice is so beautiful that it is often compared to diamonds in brilliant facets. With wild ice you never know what you’ll get, thus the inspiration for Wild Ice Jewelry.

Donna currently resides in South Carolina with her very supportive husband and fur baby, Koda.

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