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Bex Café & Juice Bar

Bex Café & Juice Bar

       ABOUT:   Bex Café & Juice Bar

Well, this local business is an easy one to sing praises about.  Bex is one of our “go to” places, and is a café that we take all of our friends, family and guests to.  One favorite is a fresh bagel, toasted,  with peanut butter and banana slices - topped up with a wonderful cup of coffee - black (yes it is that good)!

Since October 2015, Bex Café & Juice Bar has served the Greenville, SC community.  Their focus is on quality food and drink items and exceptional customer service. More than that, Bex offers a relaxing atmosphere where you will find locals working, meeting friends, having business meetings and visitors who are blown away by the amazing coffee! 

Bex is located in the heart of the West End in downtown Greenville (820 S Main St. #104) on the corner of South Main Street and Wardlaw Street.

Bex is a family-owned business that is operated by Greenville-native Becky Simon.  The cafe & juice bar was born from a passion for healthy eating and community experiences.  Their menu items are made from fresh ingredients that are locally sourced and organic when possible.  Their mission “is to make healthy food and beverage options accessible to everybody, and they do so with the freshest ingredients, which are locally sourced and organic when possible.   All menu items are made to order, and are fully customizable.” 

At Bex, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a juice, smoothie, coffee concoction, or food item that you love.  They have a diverse menu that has something for everybody along with their welcoming local atmosphere.  

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                                   Bex café cup of coffee with foam on top and the words "ALL YOUR FAVORITE COFFEE CONCOCTIONS MADE WITH FRESH-ROASTED, QUALITY BEANS"

                 Picture of food for lunch and breakfast with the words "BAGELS, BISCUITS, SALADS, SANDWICHES, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN"